The Official Aljabaly app,,
One of the leading artists in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.The Official Aljabaly app brings you the latest news, photos, music, videos, lyrics and more. The app includes music samples, ring tones and his bio. You can watch many of his latest videos directly on your device. The app also brings the latest updates from his official Facebook, YouTube, Twitter pages. This app includes samples from his wedding collection!
Baloon Fish
First Saudi game ,,
The life of the Balloon Fish is in dangerous. Save the Balloon Fish by getting it to its home safe and sound, before it's too late. Watch for the obstacles--they will slow you down. This game will challenge your skills and abilities in moving around obstacles. So get rolling and experience an adventurous taking the fish to the safe place. To complete the challenging and exciting twelve levels, and save those cute fishes!
play music with Friends,,
The ultimate professional Arabic drums app for your iPhone or iPod with professionally recorded and high quality sounds. First of its kind. It contains Arabian beats with a set of Arabic drums. It doesn't matter if you are a professional musician or just want to drum for fun – you should get this app! You can do professional sets and you can also do it in a group as a band with more than a program with your friends. Connect it to AUX to get the best result.